1100-B09  Area for industry Qaarsorasaat

Location – town/settlement

Areas for industry and ports

Specific use
Industry areas

The area is to be used for industry in the shape of light industry that may utilise the residual heat from potential refuse burning or a potential combined waste incineration and CHP plant in subarea E4

Current conditions
The area covers an area of some 1 ha

Building provisions
New buildings are to have a maximum height of 8,5 metres

Remaining available space
The area has 4,000 m² of available space, depending on the final layout of the buildings. Once the abovementioned building potential has been utilised, the area is considered fully developed without any available space in the area.

Traffic service and utilities
Road access to the area is to be from Qaerssorassat

Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features
No special provisions

Regulated zones
The area is covered by the telecommunications installations’ line of sight area. The line of sight area is variable and depends on where the installations are located on the ground. This part of the area cannot be developed or in any other way be used contrary to the line of sight area provisions.

Special provisions
The area is not to be developed until existing areas for industry zoned for companies of the specific kind have been fully utilised, unless special considerations apply. Unutilised areas in the area are to be public open spaces. Heavily polluting companies are not to be set up in the area