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1200-C26  New artificial football field

Location – town/settlement

Centre areas

Specific use
Centre areas

The area is to be used for public purposes such as a artificial football field with a matching parking place, clubhouse and other leisure activities.

Undeveloped areas which hasn't a certain purpose, are only allowed to use such as public areas which are constructed in harmony with the rest of the areas placement and use.

Current conditions
The area covers an area of some 3.6 ha

Building provisions
New buildings are to have a maximum height of one storey.

Remaining available space
New buildings may be constructed within the appendix one. New buildings have to be in accordance to the areas purpose such as clubhouse, place for spectators, changing rooms, parking and playgrounds.

Once the abovementioned building potential has been utilised, the area is considered fully developed.

Traffic service and utilities
Road access to the area is to be from Qoororsuup Aqquserna

Listed, protected and preservation-worthy features
No special provisions

Regulated zones
Regulated zones exist around the airport in the shape of obstacle limitation surfaces that consist of partly a horizontal surface and a conical surface, partly approach and take-off surfaces in continuation of the runway.
The area is located under the obstacle limitation surface at the airport and is covered by approach and take-off surfaces. The maximum ridge level of buildings and facilities and the construction level of roads are variable and depend on the distance to the runway and a right-angled distance from the centre line.

The area is located under the airport’s obstacle limitation surface, and is covered by the horizontal surface, where buildings and other facilities cannot be established higher than level 73.0 metres and roads no higher than level 67.0 metres.

Special provisions
No special provisions

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