Limited area of ​​validity
From January 1st 2019 the Avannaata Municipal Plan 2018-2030 became applicable and has since then been in effect
This means that the Qaasuitsup Municipal Plan 2014-2026 has since January 1st 2019 only been applicable to Kommune Qeqertalik.
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General provisions

While many of the subareas and associated provisions have been transferred directly from the national planning directive, a number of areas have been modified and new areas have been included in the town plan, including new K areas. The intention has been to foster new tourism development opportunities in the open country. Other strategic initiatives relate to the development of renewable energy projects and various experimental farming schemes. 

Some of the K areas are abandoned settlements and existing hut areas, whereas other areas are new. In Qaasuitsup Municipality, there are many K areas along the coast of the Disko Bay, including large concentrations in Oqaatsut and Ilimanaq. The new town plan offers new, differentiated options for building huts and holiday cottages in the K areas, including wider and more contemporary regulations at certain locations, cf. the general provisions.

Apart from the K areas, the town plan includes a number of new L and N areas. The L areas are zoned for existing recreational facilities – huts and camp schools – while the N areas are zoned for existing and new technical supply plants and other infrastructure. Specifically, two new hydro plants are scheduled for construction on the Disko Island and by Kuussuup Tasia. The latter includes a major pipeline construction with a mandatory 500-metre buffer zone. The town plan also includes M areas, such as dog islands, areas for test farms and for processing of fishing, sealing and whaling products, such as smoking and drying of fish and meat.

The unbuilt areas have been classified into three categories – O1, O2 and O3 areas – of which the latter is unspoiled natural areas where no municipal-initiated activities can take place. O1 areas are general five-kilometre buffer zones around all subareas in the open country to provide the necessary protection of the natural features, wildlife and the like in the unspoiled natural areas. The municipality has no O2 areas (extensive grazing).

Further, the planning of the individual subareas in the open country aims to safeguard the interests of neighbouring protected areas, cultural heritage areas and other preservation-worthy areas. New initiatives include special land-use planning measures to promote the quality and attractiveness of the areas and to improve accessibility to them. 

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