The open country

On 1 January, the planning authority and land authority regarding the open country were transferred from the Government of Greenland to Qaasuitsup Municipality. See The Govenment Interest in the open country.

Through this town plan, Qaasuitsup Municipality incorporates the guidelines and provisions previously laid down in the national planning directive for the open country. These mainly relate to the division of the open country into subareas and the overall provisions for these subareas.

The open country has been subdivided into the following areas:

While many of the subareas and associated provisions have been transferred directly from the national planning directive, a number of areas have been modified and new areas have been included in the town plan, including new K areas. The intention has been to foster new tourism development opportunities in the open country. Other strategic initiatives relate to the development of renewable energy projects and various experimental farming schemes. 

General Provisions